DZOPTICS Semiconductor Quality Inspection Technology
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DZOPTICS semiconductor inspection technology provides support to global chip manufacturers.

Autofocus system

High-magnification semiconductor autofocus system

Providing multiple solutions for electronic components, semiconductor defects, and other related fields.

Low magnification semiconductor autofocus system

DZOPTICS specializes in providing core components and comprehensive solutions for industrial measurement and quality control to customers in the lithium-ion battery, photovoltaic, screen display, and PCB industries

DZOPTICS Semiconductor
Inspection Technology

Application of
wafer processing
Manufacturing Steps
IC Chips Printed Circuit
Board Inspection

Wafer Processing
Processing Applications

In the small and medium-sized electronic components and small-size industrial products appearance inspection, SMD commodity appearance inspection, monocrystalline silicon wafer appearance inspection in the use. Inspection contents include hot stamping, content, image, orientation error, etc. or leakage, surface defects, etc. After rapid and fully automated mapping of the surface layer of the object to be tested, the data is transmitted to an electronic computer for analysis to find shoddy products.

Manufacturing Steps

Hundreds of processes are required to manufacture each semiconductor product, and the entire manufacturing process is divided into eight steps: wafer processing - oxidation - lithography - etching - thin-film deposition - interconnection - testing - packaging.


In the production process of semiconductors, multiple steps are involved in manufacturing from semiconductor wafers to final products. To ensure that the products exhibit qualified, stable, and reliable performance while achieving a high yield rate, stringent requirements are imposed on each stage of the manufacturing process

Ic Chip

Electronic device connector flatness inspection in the use of inspection pins and the number of pins and their pins in several parts of the number of specifications, including pitch pitch, total width, relative height, bending degree of these. Completion of the integrated ic continuous, high Completion of the integrated ic continuous, high efficiency, rapid appearance inspection, enhance the inspection of high efficiency, saving labor costs, and more importantly, to ensure the precision of the inspection.

PCB Circuit
Board Inspection

Board component parts, solder joints, lines, punching specifications, angle measurement; computer micro-communication interfaces, SIM card memory slots; SMT component placement, surface mounting, surface inspection; SPI flux paste detection, reflow oven and wave soldering machine; the number of cable connectors these detection and accurate measurement.


DZOPTICS applies optical principles to offer products such as automatic focusing, long working distance at high magnification, and high-magnification line scanning. These products facilitate the inspection of whether the processing parameters of wafer products meet design requirements or if there are any surface defects on wafers that may impact yield rates. We are dedicated to ensuring chip performance for our customers and enhancing operational efficiency in the industry chain.

The application of high-magnification telecentric lenses in the inspection of semiconductor chips

In the process of semiconductor chip manufacturing, telecentric lenses are utilized for inspecting the surface quality, solder joints, pins, and other components. They also serve purposes in repair and refurbishment activities. Moreover, they facilitate inspection of appearance quality and circuit connections of chips as well as detection and rectification of defects.

high power microscope

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