DZOPTICS has been deeply involved in the field of machine vision for more than ten years, and with the rich accumulation of optical technology, we are capable to provide you the excellent quality industrial lenses.

Industrial Lenses

Born for efficiency

As a crucial component in Machine Vision system, DZOPTICS machine vision lenses demonstrate reliability and uniformunity in image performance.

Line Scan Lenses

DZOPTICS has series of line-scan lenses for 4K, 8K, 12K, 15K and 16K line scan cameras, magnification ranges from 0.04x to 6.2x, minimum supporting pixel size 3.5um. As one of the representative of DZOPTICS high performance product line, The DZOPTICS 8K Plus and 16K series are with strict Apochromatic correction, greatly enhancing the efficiency of vision systems in high-end manufacturing. Application: rolling surface inspection in wafer manufacture, thin film manufacture, solar panel manufacture, 2nd Lithum battery manufacture, printing and optical sorting etc..


Telecentric Lenses

The DZOPTICS telecentric product line supports 2/3 "~Dia44mm image circle, magnification ranges from 0.12x to 6.0x and minimum supporting pixel size of 3.5um. As a high-performance product line, the Apochromatic design grants a little more deep of view and better image uniformity to the image, which means higher inspection efficiency per unit of time.


C-Mount Lenses

The DZOPTICS C-mount lenses are mainly for 1/1.7" to 1.1" area scan cameras, EFL range from 6mm to 75mm, working distance 50mm to infinity, and supports 2.74um pixel size under optimal state. The DZOPTICS C-mount lenses exhibit superior imaging consistency (with excellent Apochromatic correction and minimal edge image differences) , which enhanced inspection efficiency.


F/M mount lenses

The DZOPTICS F/M mount lens is mainly designed for Diagonal 28-68mm area scan cameras. For a higher inspection efficiency, the Plus series focuses on the uniformity of image performance within the imaging circle as its main feature. The X group floating design keeps image performance stability within the recommended working distance, and no additional adapters required.


VR Lens

For the splicing imaging application, blindly emphasizing high resolution and sharpness is a misconception. The poor corner resolution, terrible distortion, and quality stability of ultra short focal spherical optical systems usually has high requirements for system makers. DZOPTICS VR lens optimizes the image by F-theta distortion and corner resolution, providing you with a smooth splicing experience.


The existing vision systems are more focused on the visible light application. With the increasing demand for transparent materials inspection, DZOPTICS begin to explore infared optical system。


3D Lenses with Scheimpflug Accessory

Precision Accessories

DZOPTICS offers a wide range of high precise accessories to ensure the imagining performance and achieve accurate focus control.