Megatrends and
Innovation Research

Important Trends and Innovative Research

Studies show that a century after the third industrial revolution, the fourth industrial revolution has already begun. This is a revolution in intelligence that marks
the transition from the era of consumer electronics to the era of consumer photonics. It is based on artificial intelligence algorithms supported by optoelectronic technology. Nations agree that "the 21st century is the century of light". At present, the application of optoelectronics has begun to exert its influence on various areas in different industries. In the ICT (information and communication technology) industry, optoelectronic applications range from front-end sensing, infor-
mation computation, storage and transmission to display terminals with optoelectronic sensors, optical storage, optical data processing, optical communication, AR/VR and new types of optoelectronic displays. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, high-power lasers and optical devices, together with pulsed lasers, have found their way into the 3C, photovoltaic and medical industries, where they are replacing conventional devices and significantly increasing the efficiency of com-

Respective Field

Industrial Sector

In the industrial sector, optical applications are concentrated in the areas of front-end sensor technology and manufacturing processes. Autonomous control of the entire supply chain is essential to meet the demand for cost reduction, increased efficiency and intelligent production in industry. In addition, the introduction of advanced products such as machine vision and laser technology in industry should be accelerated.

Consumer Sector

In the consumer sector, against the backdrop of consumption modernization, there continues to be strong growth in demand for new-generation smart display terminals, virtual consumption and various types of novel wearables. Applications within the industrial chain, including optoelectronic sensors, optical fibers and optoelectronic displays, are expected to continue to benefit from growth in downstream demand.

Persist in Taking the Path of Open Innovation

Innovative Research

Scientific research and technological innovation are the main driving forces for the progress of human civilization and social development. DZOPTICS attaches great importance to research and innovation and adheres to the path of open innovation. We are willing to work with the academic and industrial community to explore the frontiers of science and technology, promote innovative upgrades, continuously create value for the entire industry and society, and jointly build a better intelligent world.

Investment in Innovative Research

By the end of 2022, we had approximately 250 R&D staff members, accounting for 67% of our total workforce. We firmly believe that investment in innovative research and development is a crucial force.
Our company has employed several top-tier scientific talents to tackle key and core technologies, dedicated to empowering industries with our technology. We are committed to continuously exploring new fields and seeking new paths, striving to make continuous breakthroughs on the path of innovation.