About Us

DZOPTICS's vision and mission are to develop into a comprehensive, global optoelectronic technology company with a solid background in optical technology. We are customer-centric and dedicated to continuously creating value for our customers.

Shenzhen Dongzheng Optical Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Dongzheng Optical Technology Co., Ltd. (DZOPTICS) was established in 2013. It is a technology enterprise that focuses on optical technology and is committed to product diversification and business globalization as its development direction.
In 2013, DZO entered the machine vision market through the development of industrial lenses, gradually forming six major technological research and development directions: semiconductor detection technology, biomedical technology, industrial quality control, film and television media, consumer optics, and military optics.

Our business covers more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, with 3 manufacturing factories, 10 sales and service companies, and 5 research and development bases.
In the future, DZO will continue to uphold the spirit of "scientific innovation", continuously enhance its research and technological strength, overcome difficulties, explore and open up new application areas, and continuously empower industrial upgrading.

DZOPTICS's Environment

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    The DZOPTICS brand is significant because it bears the hopes of the company and is etched with the imprint of the era. Time and teamwork have given the DZOPTICS brand, which emerged in the 2010s, its essence.

  • Unyielding Persistence

    As a homegrown Chinese company, DZOPTICS has carried forward the excellent traits of the Chinese nation, showing no fear in the face of technical and process challenges, nor in the face of defeat. DZOPTICIANS will never bow down to any obstacle. Success is the only endpoint for DZOPTICIAN individuals.

  • Striving for Excellence

    A brand may not boast an extensive history, but it must possess a consistent quality. A new product may not be flawless, but it should never rest on its laurels. "Continuous Improvement" is a principle that every member of DZOPTICS firmly adheres to.

  • Exploration and Innovation

    We have sensed the world around us, and we thirst for more. DZOPTICIANS have a strong desire to delve into new domains, to innovate, and to relish the fulfillment that comes from making breakthroughs.